Slide Boards | Sliding Into Shape | 2014 New Year Workout Plan

Slide into Shape in 2014!

Slide boards are a fun and exciting OLD hockey training aid??? Wait, slide boards are old? That’s right! Slide boards are an old aerobic workout tool that were once used at home and in fitness classes. Your mother or grandmother may have used a slide board during their fitness days. Find out what hockey exercises can be done on a slide board, how slide boards have changed, and basic workouts you can do at home to become a healthier individual.

Slide Board Exercises

Slide boards offer more than just lateral exercise movements. The frictionless board is also capable of working out your core, arms, shoulders, and chest. Perform mountain climbers or jack knives to engage your core. Use slide board booties as gloves to sculpt your chest and shoulders. Put these exercises together to create a small circuit for a full body workout.

Slide Board Fitness

Slide boards are manufactured these days to fit individuals based on size and skill level. They are offered in different lengths, styles, and colors to ensure a custom fit for each person. Ex: The pro slide board is built for beginners who are just being introduced to a slide board. It’s a low price & fixed size offer the user an opportunity to engage in slide board fitness at an entry level price. The pro slide board also offers users the ability to travel with their slide board so they can continue their workouts away from home.

Slide boards are manufactured in two models. A fixed model and an adjustable model. The adjustable model is great for camps and associations because it can be adjusted to fit different skill levels. The fixed board is better for at home use by one or two users. For a list of slide boards please check out our site.

Slide Board Workouts

Slide board workouts can be challenging and fun. Design/create your own workout program or try a few of these slide board workouts we’ve found on the internet. They’ll offer cardio, upper, lower, and core body training lessons. is a provider of a variety of slide boards. We can offer you expert advice on slide boards, exercises, and other uses. Please contact us via email at or 952-746-0034.