Hockey Skating Exercises – Single Leg Squat

A Great Hockey Exercise

Single Leg Squats are perfect for hockey strength. Single leg pushes are used to generate speed on the ice. Use single leg exercises to build power and strength for your hockey skating.

Hockey players should train using body weight until form is perfected. Adding weight to the lift will only help if completed correctly.

Hockey Training Tips

  • Train Hard – The hardest working hockey players will develop skills while other players fall behind.
  • Be Detailed – The hockey players willing to fine tune details for hockey skills will benefit the most. Don’t rush through exercises and workouts.
  • Be Creative – Hockey is a creative sport that requires quick and creative thinking. Don’t be a cookie cutter player.

Hockey Training Aids

  • Hockey Slide BoardsSlide boards are great for physical fitness and your skating stride. Train away from the rink by incorporating a slide board into your fitness plan.
  • Hockey Shooting Boards – A hockey shooting surface is a most if you’re dedicating any effort into the sport. Develop shooting and stickhandling skills away from the rink.
  • Hockey Shooting Tarps – A hockey shooting tarp will last forever and protect your home, garage, or basement from taking on damage. Protect your house from flying pucks.