Swedish Stickhandling Wood Ball

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Swedish Stickhandling Wood Ball

Hockey stickhandling training at home or at the rink.

This hardwood ball is great for all types of players. Whether in the development stages of their career or the professional level. The Swedish Stickhandling Ball triggers your muscles and helps develop faster reflexes on the ice. Use the wooden stickhandling ball before practice or a game. It light weight allows players to work on stickhandling skills at high rates of speed. The Swedish Stickhandling Ball is also great for passing with a partner or playing keep away off the ice. It’s a hockey training aid that is affordable and performs. Long lasting and easy to store in your hockey bag. They are great gifts for every level of hockey player.

Also try the Steel Hockey Ball for increased stickhandling strength!

Hockeytrain Product Highlights!

  • Free ground shipping is available to the lower 48 states.
  • Weighs around 2 ounces, diameter is around 1.75″
  • Durable hardwood ball great for all surfaces
  • Quality, affordable, long lasting, and easy to use.


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