Green Biscuit

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Green Biscuit

Slides further than any other off ice hockey training product!

This off ice hockey training puck will aid in the development of passing and stickhandling skills. Leave your competition in the dust by practicing these skills on your own time or with your teammates. The Green Biscuit weighs about an ounce less than regulation hockey pucks but factor in the added friction from asphalt or concrete and it resembles the action of a puck on the ice. This puck is made specifically for developing passing and stickhandling skills.

NOTICE: These pucks are designed for stick-handling, passing and skills training, they will endure a slap shot (stick to puck impact), but will not last as long if continually do hockey shooting against a brick or cement wall.

Hockeytrain Product Highlights!

  • Free Shipping *Ships via USPS First Class.
  • For Off-Ice Stickhandling & Passing Hockey Training.
  • Glides further than any other product on the market.
  • Resembles on ice puck action.
  • Dangle, Deke and Dipsy Doodle the competition
  • Will be shipped via USPS with Free Shipping Option.


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