Glacier Glide – Synthetic Ice Panels – 4PK

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Glacier Glide – Synthetic Ice Panels – 4PK

Skate at Home in your Garage or Basement.

Glacier Glide synthetic hockey ice allows hockey players to take the game home with them after practice. The synthetic ice tiles are manufactured with a extremely high-density plastic that can withstand ice hockey players practicing with their skates on.

The synthetic ice panels come in a 4pk allowing you to build your very own synthetic hockey ice rink inside your very home. The 4 Glacier Glide Panels create an area nearly 16sf of playing room.

Many synthetic ice surfaces don’t allow players to wear skates on them without damaging the playing surface. Glacier Glide synthetic ice is built to last and offers years of fun and player development away from the rink.

We recommend the following size surfaces depending on the following activities:

  • (1, 4-pk) 16sf of synthetic ice for shooting and stickhandling with skates
  • (10, 4-pks) 160sf of synthetic ice to create a skating and passing ice rink
  • (25, 4-pks) 400sf for a backyard ice palace.

Hockeytrain Product Highlights!

  • Synthetic ice panels are connected with interlocking cuts
  • Durable high density plastic for skating purposes
  • Glacier Glide is only compatible with itself and no other product out there
  • Synthetic ice sheets need to be tapped together with rubber mallet or hammer

Additional information

Weight24 lbs
Dimensions48 x 24 x 5 in


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