Hockey Training Aid Specials – $20 Off Slide Boards

Fall Savings at!

WHAT’S THE SPECIAL? is giving you $20 OFF any of our slide boards. The deal lasts through September 2014. Use the PROMO CODE: HTSLIDE20 at the checkout.

What can a slide board do for me?

A slide board is a fun new way to exercise away from the gym and/or rink. Slide boards are great for muscle toning and endurance training.  They offer creative ways to workout your upper, lower, and core muscles in a small area. A slide board is a great way to stay in shape or to get back into shape if you’re looking to become healthier.

slide board elite

What is the best slide board for me?

Slide boards come in various sizes and styles and it is important to get the correct one when purchasing a slide board. (Don’t be afraid, it’s easy) offers slide boards that are 6ft, 8ft, and 10ft long. Most of our slide boards are a fixed length, meaning you’ll have to determine your ability on the slide board. Most people just need a 6ft board if they’re just getting started.

We also offer adjustable slide boards that allow you to change lengths from 10ft to 4ft. This way you can increase the length as you improve you strength. Determine your skill level and get the best board for YOU!

Do I need slide board booties?

Our slide boards come with one set of slide board booties. They are elastic to help stretch over the top of your shoes. Slide board booties help keep your board clean and are what allow you to slide on a slick surface without sticking to the board. Some people will use wool socks instead of booties. This can work but your feet will be unprotected from the end stops. We recommend wearing slide board booties over your shoes for the best workout.