Hockey Slide Board Sale | $20 OFF with coupon code

Hockey Slide Board Sale February 2014

That’s right hockey players. We’re offering $20 off any of our hockey slide boards for the month of February! Slide boards can improve not only your skating stride but your overall strength and conditioning away from the rink. (Coupon Code: HTSLIDE20)

Did you know that hockey slide boards have been training speed skaters and hockey players for YEARS? Yes, the slide board is a perfect training aid to work those hard to reach muscles in your legs.

What are some other exercises I can perform on a slide board?

I have posted many slide board workouts and exercises on our site. We have also found some other exercises on the web that may be useful to people looking for creative slideboard workouts at home.

End of the hockey season

So as your season comes to an end, be sure to continue improving your game away from the rink. offers a wide selection of hockey training aids at a great price. We also consider ourselves to be the top customer service team in our market. Check out our Free Shipping Products!

If you have questions or concerns about any product. Whether is be the size or if it’s applicable to your son or daughters training program, please call us at 952-746-0034