Dryland Tips

Hockey Dryland Training Tips

Winter and summer hockey training is essential in order to ensure that you are in top physical condition each time you step on the ice. Use our hockey training exercises, hockey training drills and hockey weight training tips to take your game to the next level. Off-ice hockey training allows you to speed past the competition. Whether it’s speed, power, or endurance, you are looking to improve, off-ice conditioning can make a big difference. Below are a few dryland training tips to help you reach your fitness goals.

Here you will find dryland workouts that only last 20 minutes!

  1. Train At 100%. An all out 100 % effort must be exerted during each dryland training session in order to maximize benefit and time. Always train at game speed and with a purpose.
  2. Change Directions Often. Hockey is a game that is constantly changing direction and you must be able to transition quickly. Try to incorporate medium distance (5 to 10 yards) drills that change direction. The Slide Board is a great tool to improve both lateral and front to back hockey muscle movements.
  3. Foot Speed. Increasing your foot speed off the ice will transfer directly to the ice as well. The Speed Ladder can, and will increase foot speed if used properly.
  4. Use A Partner. Training with a partner makes your workout sessions more fun and enjoyable. You will also have someone there to push you beyond your comfort zone and allows proper rest and recovery time in between sets.
  5. Be Agile. Agility is important in tight situations along the boards and in traffic. You have to be agile in order to beat defenders and avoid stick and body checks. Training with products like the Gold Dryland Package will make you lighter on your feet.
  6. Plyometrics Are Your Friend. Drills that incorporate explosive leg muscle movements such as jumps, skips, and hops, are excellent hockey muscle building exercises. An explosive stride and shot is something that is essential to proper hockey development. Slide Boards , and the Agility Ladder are two off-ice devices that will help make players more powerful skaters.
  7. Increase Balance. As your overall fitness increases so will your balance. However, exercises specifically targeting hockey balance improvement are often neglected. Check out the products Balance Board and Bongo Board to help boost your balance.
  8. Resistance Training. Training with resistance weights, bands, and chutes, can really pay off. Pushing beyond comfort boundaries is a great way to improve your skills.